CSF CLICKSCAN is a basic system that enables

smaller businesses and schools to quickly and

easily implement a health screening compliance

solution at low cost.


Once signed up for the service, the client will

be sent an onboarding survey to capture basic

account activation information.


CFS CLICKSCAN will the configure the profile based

on this and will generate two weblinks which

will be sent to the client namely:

  • Link for employee self-registration

  • Link for on-site scanning and temperature


Employers request employees to self-register

after which they receive a CFS CLICKSCAN barcoded ID card.


Employees show this CFS CLICKSCAN ID when they access the workplace. The risk assessment will be done, the temperature taken, and both will be entered into the system. This can be done on any phone, tablet or computer with camera.  It can even be done by the staff member themselves using a tablet or phone provided by the organisation when they arrive at work.

If they fail the self-assessment, the system will warn the employee, and an internal alert will be sent to a designated person within the company.


CFS CLICKSCAN is ideal for SMMEs and schools, offering a quick health compliance solution at low cost

The system includes standard report and dashboards. For more info see CFS Reporting.








Larger enterprises who will benefit from the functionality for Covid-19 pre-screening for employees and visitors. 

View our enterprise pre-screening solution - CSF HEALTHSCAN

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