The CFS Mystery Shopper is a Customer Experience (CX) programme that enables you to track the performance of your operations, ensure compliance with standards and procedures, and measure the customer experience. All the steps to manage this process in-house are automated with results available in real-time.


CFS Mystery Shopper is comprised of two key elements:


The Web Portal Form where the system is managed and real-time data results viewed, relating to the locations, surveys, schedules and shopper set-up.

The analysis and reporting takes place.

This is a secure website with access controls allowing you to decide who is able to view your data and manage any part of the secret shopper process.

The Survey Form which contains the questions and data fields captured by a shopper.

When the shopper visits a location, they receive access via a web link sent to them by text message or e-mail. These links work on all smart phones, tablets, and PC’s connected to the internet.

Mystery shopper