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A comprehensive platform to gather, analyse, report and act on “Voice of Customer” feedback, giving you a powerful tool for managing and improving your Customer Experience.

Our extensive analytics solutions allows for trend analysis, net compliment percentages and sentiment analysis.




  • Highly accurate contextual analysis of customer and staff feedback comments

  • Cut out the irrelevant noise and chatter to focus on the relevant and actionable insight.

  • Fast turnaround, even on large volumes.

  • Consolidate multiple data feeds to a single platform.

  • Customise reporting topics for your business and industry

  • Automated routing of personalised reporting to selected users

  • Easily close the loop with responses to customers

  • Easy access to results through web-based dashboard

  • Integration with your CRM and other systems

  • Multiple languages

  • Multiple channels & formats

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Reporting dashboard on electronic devices
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