Why collecting data from customer feedback is so important?

“No man is an island.” We’ve heard the saying before. If we have to look at this from the viewpoint of customer feedback and apply the same principles as this famous quote to the customer feedback ecosystem, it can be suggested that – while each piece of feedback we receive from a client is important – it is also imperative to look at the bigger picture and collect data from a wide sample of customers.

Attending to the direct needs of your customer, based on the feedback they have given you – whether positive or negative – is incredibly integral in relationship and reputation management (you want to keep them coming back for more). However, the analysis of customer feedback from a large group of your customers is vital in helping you identify trends in the industry, understand the overall needs of your customer as well as help you better understand what the general sentiment of your clientele is in relation to your business.

In isolation, one comment from a customer is not always enough to assist you and your team with making strategic changes or help you adapt your business or the services you offer to an ever-evolving climate. Gathering a large sample of data can assist you in this process and if done correctly, can really help you drive change and move forward as a business, as your customers essentially work alongside you to “steer the ship” to success.

When looking at data analysis in terms of customer feedback, various metrics need to be put in place to give you data figures you need. These metrics are set up through the type of questions you ask your customers e.g. How would you rate the level of service you received when visiting X company? (Based on a level of 1 to 10). Let’s say that out of the 1000 completed surveys, only 50% of customers felt that they received great service, 40% believed the service they received was adequate and 10% felt that the service they received was poor. As a business, you would see that 50% of your data sample of customers are not entirely happy with the level of service provided to them. You would need to address this feedback and look at ways in which you could improve on your service offering, as this is not one isolated case of an unhappy customer. Data analysis helps you quickly identify threats and where there is room for improvement and gives you the chance to make the necessary changes, efficiently and effectively.

Customer feedback data capturing, and analysis is something that we pride ourselves on at Customer First Solutions. We look at qualitative data – based on the metrics that are important to your company and sector – to help you deduce trends and sentiment in a real-time environment and at point of experience. We gather this intel through intelligent capturing systems, allowing you to identify opportunities for success and potential threats to your business. Let us help you move forward, together.