Understanding the difference between the two and when to use either or.  

There are many ways in which a company can receive feedback or garner further information from their valuable clients and customers.  Sometimes a client may give you feedback face-to-face, others may let you know telephonically, some may respond via a feedback form and others may complete a survey. The most common and effective ways in which a company can engage with their clients for beneficial company feedback and information is via feedback forms or surveys.

Here, we breakdown the difference between the two and the important roles they both play in analysing vital information shared by clients and customers.

Comments and Feedback

Often, companies or brands give their clients and customers the opportunity to rate their experience or a product they offer. This is often done online or at certain touchpoints along the customer journey. Comments and feedback forms are often short, giving clients and customers the opportunity to share their sentiment in an efficient and effective manner. Comments and feedback forms tend to be more open-ended as opposed to surveys, allowing people to share their experiences, whether positive or negative, in a constructed manner.  Alternatively, a quick rating of services rendered or product feedback can be conducted to minimise time spent.


Surveys work well if a company or brand is looking to survey the customer landscape and further understand how the brand, product or service is perceived in the marketplace. A survey can also be a valuable tool to collect a wealth of data that informs how a company is performing, in the eyes of their clients. A well-structured and effective survey can illustrate shared sentimentality by a large group of people who interact with the company, utilising valuable metrics and reporting to identify trends and behaviour. Surveys can be structured to accommodate the key needs of each business, creating a bespoke evaluation process that gives companies exactly the data they need e.g. Please rate the level of service you have received from X company. How did you come to hear of X Company? How likely are you to utilise X Company’s Services or Products again? How likely are you to recommend X company to your friends and family?

In conclusion, feedback and comment work well from an always-on perspective whereas surveys serve companies best when they are looking to collect data and information from a large sample of clients, based on specific fields and requirements.