Why creating personal touchpoints with your customers can be important to your company’s success.

We know that attaining client feedback certainly helps us on the road to business success, as we better understand their needs, their issues and their sentiment towards a brand or company. Having this valuable knowledge informs how we move forward, change and grow as an organisation. It is however, also very important to look at customer feedback and client service in reverse. What does it actually mean to your clients and consumers when they are given the opportunity to share their opinions and how does this innately affect a brand or company’s reputation – in a positive way?

Often, we look to the data we receive from surveys and customer comment cards, and analyse it collectively to determine where we are doing things well and where there’s room for improvement.  Have we however, stopped to think about how taking the time to get customer feedback may build brand equity and customer trust? In age when most things are moving online, from the digital economy to the simple way we converse with each other daily – via a smart device, it’s rather interesting to look at how we’ve shifted from a personalised, consumer-facing environment, to one that serves instant gratification – where anything can be done with a simple click.

As we steer towards becoming fully immersed in the digital world, brands and companies are looking for ways in which they can still engage with their customers in a personalised manner. Global trends show that consumers are still looking to the brands they support, to make their transactional relationship personalised and unique in ways that serve them best. They want to share their experiences, they want to give their opinions and they want to be taken seriously when they give feedback on these experiences. They would also like to know how you, as a company, will adapt to meet their needs.

As technology advances, client/customer-centricity has become more important now than ever. We may have evolved into this new digital era with open arms, it serves us in so many ways, but what are we doing to keep things personalised where we can?  This is where client feedback and customer service both have the wonderful opportunity to make these transactional relationships personal e.g. “Thank you for being a loyal custodian of our brand. We care what you think and would like to hear more” or “We would like to know about your experience with us”. It opens the door for customers to have honest communication with the businesses they support because, the customer is the key to success.