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Excuse Me, Doctor – How Is Your Bedside Manner?

These days, doctors have little opportunity to build a rapport with their patients. The current situation has forced medical practices into a model of operation in which patient contact is reduced to the barest minimum, and reception and waiting room interactions are done at a distance. While this clinical approach is certainly best from a transmission mitigation standpoint, it can often leave patients feeling a little like sausages on a factory line.

How, then, can you ensure that your patients are satisfied? How can you stay informed about what’s happening in your practice, or know what your patients think of your bedside manner? The simplest answer is often the best, and that’s certainly the case here – just ask the patients.

Whether you’re running a medical centre or a family clinic, CFS patient surveys will do wonders to improve the way things operate. Today, excellent customer service is at the forefront of businesses and you need to know what people think of yours.

Your patients aren’t just your clients. They’re a goldmine of opinions. Find out exactly how they feel from the moment they get in touch with you until they leave.

The Importance of Patient Surveys

Getting in touch with your patients and gaining their input and opinion is the most valuable way to improve your services. By putting yourself in your client’s shoes, you will understand how your patients feel from when they call for an appointment until they get treated. Our surveys will show exactly if your company is lacking.

With CFS patient surveys, you’ll drive brand loyalty by enhancing your clients’ experiences. You’ll remove any process redundancy and operate at a higher efficiency. Showing that you care will automatically translate into recommendations – especially if people see and experience a difference.

The Patient Survey Process

For a patient survey to be successful, it’s crucial to identify the areas that need improvement. This will help you put together focused questions and a plan of action. You can conduct surveys while the patient is in your rooms, or in hospital or even after discharge.

Once a round of surveys is complete, CFS will work with you to analyse the data. From there, you can expect periodic reports with in-depth information on how to improve.

Why Partner with Customer First Solutions?

No one understands surveys quite like CFS. With a proven track record across many industry sectors, CFS delivers clear, actionable data. Feedback has never been more crucial in this day and age, and it’s the easiest way to improve your products and services.

But CFS goes the extra mile: we don’t just stop at collecting data; we provide clear-cut analysis and formulate solutions for you to act on.

Satisfied customers will give you the competitive advantage. Contact us today to get started.

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