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How employee engagement surveys boost productivity

Engaged employees increase productivity, resulting in higher turnover and sales. Businesses can boost it with employee engagement surveys.

Many business owners tend to focus on their employees' satisfaction but forget to take employee engagement into account. Though these terms sound similar, there is an important difference. Customer First Solutions helps companies understand their employees and identify their engagement levels. Engaged employees increase productivity, directly impacting the company’s operations, turnover, and sales.

Employee satisfaction VS Employee engagement what’s the difference?

Employee engagement is when staff are motivated to help the company achieve its goals. They want to come to work each day and are committed to making the company successful.

Employee satisfaction is when an employee is enjoying their job, but may not be engaged with it. It could be an employee coming to work early and staying late, but not putting in any real work or contribution.

Engaged employees are satisfied with their jobs, but satisfied employees aren’t always engaged with theirs.

How do you increase employee engagement?

There are many ways to boost employee engagement, but the best one is employee surveys. These surveys measure whether employees are engaging with a business, as well as whether they are satisfied with their jobs. By using topics such as communication, career development and leadership, employers can gain insight into their employees’ opinions about their organisation and identify areas for improvement.

Why conduct an Employee Survey?

Employee engagement surveys offer many benefits, which is why companies should make them a standard procedure. These benefits include:

  • It helps organisations know where they stand with their employees and identify areas for improvement

  • It will give the organisation a better idea of the collective employee attitude with regards to whether they are satisfied and motivated to accomplish their daily tasks

  • It provides insight into employee concerns regarding your business

  • It will make your employees feel valued and heard when you send them a positive message

  • It results in employees and management enjoying a stronger relationship

Get a full Employee Engagement Survey solution with Customer First Solutions

At Customer First Solutions, we offer our customers strategic employee surveys and reports that get to the heart of your organisation's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. To find out more about our employee engagement surveys or get in touch, visit our website.

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