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Taking Stock Of Your Customers’ Shopping With CFS Mystery Shopper

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

With more people shopping online during Covid-19 lockdowns, it's tough to know what you need to stock to keep your customers coming back for more, but CFS Mystery Shopper is here to help you.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed shopping patterns forever: through the many lockdowns, more customers turned to online shopping, a trend that has taken a firm hold in South Africa.

But are you, as a business owner, prepared for it? Do you know what to stock? Do you track what is trending? And is your customer, faceless nowadays, still king?

Customers’ feedback on their shopping experience is vital to keep your business booming. You need customer feedback surveys to find out who your mystery shoppers are and how you can better serve their needs to maintain their loyalty. That is why the Customer First Solutions’ Mystery Shopper is crucial for retailers during these challenging times.


CFS Mystery Shopper is a customer experience programme. A big plus with having an in-house mystery shopper programme is that you, as a business owner, have better control over the questions that are asked and when they are asked so you can gain valuable insights to customer habits and improve your operations to meet their preference. Here are some of the added benefits of CFS Mystery Shopper:

  • Monitor customer experience

  • Stay compliant with national standards

  • Identify and resolve problems

  • Enhance your operations

  • More surveys at a lower cost will give you more data and more insights

  • Real-time data and actionable results

  • User-friendly design with multiple survey & multiple location capability

  • Multiple question types

  • Automate your surveys for a specific date & time

  • Easy-to-manage distribution & reporting


Once you’ve obtained your data, what do you do with it? You need to analyse the survey data and implement necessary changes. With CFS Mystery Shopper, you can distribute your surveys by email or text message and the results are available in real-time via our web portal.

You have the option for customers to scan a QR code before starting the survey, which makes it quick and easy to capture. We provide you with summarised reports in multiple formats and these can be sent to you monthly, daily or weekly.


Customer First Solutions helps businesses around the country to understand their clients better through innovative customer satisfaction surveys. We assist you to seamlessly collect and analyse data so you can ultimately improve your customer service and efficiency.

Whatever your industry – retail, catering, hospitality, health or transport – contact us today to see how Mystery Shopper can work for you.

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