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Why Can’t My In-House Team Do Professional Cleaning For Viruses And Keep Up With Maintenance?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

COVID-19 has changed facilities management. Read why a professional clean and automating maintenance management and inspection processes are vital for the safety of your staff and clients, as well as the smooth running of hygienic operations.

As it is almost “business as usual” in an unusual 2020 way, it is important not to lose focus on keeping your business safe and free from large viral loads while still avoiding becoming a super-spreader. Not only is this important to protect your staff but also to protect your business. Human rights aside, you will lose productivity, and you will lose clients if the location is a virus hub and one which does not keep up with maintenance and inspections.

There are also psychological benefits to your staff as they feel they are being cared for, and they will feel less stressed about carrying the virus home and about their work environment. Carrying the virus home could infect children, which could lead to them being kept at home from school, which means huge stress on working parents, teachers, and the children. A non-maintained workspace could lead to increased stressed and compromised immune systems.

Your clients will also feel less stressed, and they will feel more confident about spending a little more time shopping in your space. Now, that is something to smile about.

Guidelines And Processes To Keep Up With These

Health and safety guidelines state that work areas are to be cleaned and disinfected regularly and systematically. This must be done if you want to keep in operation.

Most businesses are taking this seriously and are wiping down areas constantly, which is commendable. It is, we believe, insufficient as your regular team of cleaners (or your store staff) are not trained in professional cleaning nor might they be able to cope with the intensity of constant, unrelenting cleaning. This means that you might not necessarily be maintaining a safe work environment and the epidemic rages on.

There is only one way to be absolutely sure your premises is safe enough for staff and customers and that the work environment is maintained – by professionally disinfecting and automating the maintenance management and inspection processes.

Customer First Solutions offers CFS Facilities Management to achieve this. Companies automating maintenance management and inspection processes carry the following benefits:

  • Customer satisfaction will be enhanced with equipment/area downtime significantly reduced, alongside the ability for customers to submit requests themselves.

  • Costs will be reduced with problems reported immediately.

  • Productivity will be increased, with automated data capture and reporting eliminating time-consuming manual processes – and this saves time and money.

  • With regards to data analysis, full visibility is possible, with a history of all results enabling data analysis to be performed, such as identifying equipment/ areas that give many problems.

  • It will be easy to use and manage processes, with no onsite hardware or software. User-friendliness at its best.

The Professional Difference

Additional benefits of using professionals when it comes to cleaning and sanitising your workspace, as well as the automation of processes and maintenance, is that users are ensuring their staff are not put at risk of infection and they are keeping them safe. Our teams wear professional protective equipment. Unless you have sent your staff for training, they will not be aware of the full safety measures.

A professional can work after-hours to reduce contact with staff and customers, which is an additional health benefit to your teams. As well as avoids time lost during work hours. We know your business and your staff are important to you, and we believe using a professional cleaning service, and professionals for the automating of maintenance management and inspection processes will protect all involved, and the business itself, in the best way possible.

Protect, automate, and maintain your business. Schedule regular professional deep disinfectant cleaning appointments today and introduce automation now.

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