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Why Covid-19 Is A Good Time To Conduct Customer Surveys In All Industries

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

While worldwide economic shutdowns are creating a slowdown for businesses and customers, it is the perfect time to conduct customer surveys. Sure, business is not business as usual, but with more time on customers’ hands, and less time out of the rat race, consumers are more open and willing to participate in customer surveys. And they have more time to do it, and do it properly.

The Market Climate Is Changing, But So Are Customers’ Behaviours

While many are put off by the thought of collecting research and conducting market surveys, with the concerns that data captured now will not be reflective of the landscape beyond the pandemic, this is surely not the case. Yes, industries and businesses within all industries are set to drastically change, but so too will consumers’ behaviours, needs, and wants. With this in mind, capturing new data now will allow businesses to make the right short-term decisions and position themselves favourably when business returns to normal. Through customer surveys, businesses are able to navigate current market climates and make the best choices in the short and long term. Waiting for the crisis to pass and not making use of this time to conduct surveys is sure to put a business behind.

More Time To Fill In Surveys Means Better Data Quality

Furthermore, during lockdown and home-bound lives, response rates and improved, more detailed responses will be experienced. Targeted customers are, in fact, more available to participate, as well available to take their time to answer questions. They’re not rushed to click away and respond with half-thought-about answers. This means that customer surveys conducted during a time of actual focus means better results for businesses and enhanced data quality.

Keep In Touch With Those Who You Want To Return Post-Crisis

During Covid-19, social distancing and stay-at-home restrictions are further widening the gap between brands and businesses and their customers. And, while not being able to meet face-to-face with your customers like normal or keeping advertisements in their faces - with lower marketing budgets - customer surveys are a beneficial way to keep in touch with customers. Keeping in touch and showing that your business cares will ensure return business, and being top of mind when business operations return to normal. It’s important to listen to customers and respond quickly with actionable solutions to remain relevant.

Ready To Conduct Customer Surveys? Call CFS Now!

Customer First Solutions provides real-time customer experience (CX) measurements, which are ideal for listening to the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and gathering feedback. Whether you’d like to reach your customer during their actual experience or gather information from the customer in their own time, to gain a better understanding of their experience, we have the tools for you. Call us today or visit:

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