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Why customer feedback systems are better than online surveys

Any successful business focuses on customer experience management. To get customers' feedback, businesses can use online surveys and in-store survey devices – but which is best?


Customer experience management is key to any successful business. To get customer feedback, a business can use online surveys or in-store survey devices, such as those provided by Customer First Solutions.

The differences between customer management systems and online surveys

Many businesses make use of online surveys, such as Survey Monkey, to get customer feedback. These typically have questionnaires sent to customers following their shopping experience. The surveys are typically sent within a week.

An in-store customer management or feedback system has a device set up inside the store for customers to interact with and provide feedback. Because these systems are in-store, customers can give feedback immediately after their shopping experience when it is still fresh.

Which option is better?

Some businesses opt for online surveys because they tend to cost less than in-store survey devices.

But negative customer feedback can create problems because of the time lapse. In the event of a negative shopping experience, a customer is likely to grow resentful if they don't have an immediate outlet for their feelings. A dissatisfied customer leaves a negative review, speaks negatively about the business (resulting in loss of potential customers), and may never return. Customers are contacted too slowly through online survey services and few trigger points, distribution channels, and negative escalation processes are in place.

By using an in-store feedback device, customers have immediate access to customer experience management. By giving customers a platform to immediately vent their grievances, as well as an escalation process to follow up, they know you listen and can walk away feeling positive about a negative experience. A customer can use the device to give a compliment, complaint, or suggestion. Users of Customer First Solutions’ devices receive an average of 900 comments monthly.

Case Study: WestPack Lifestyle

Our successful partnership with WestPack Lifestyle enables them to stay on top of customer feedback almost immediately by using our feedback devices, in conjunction with our web survey. Customers are encouraged to participate in the survey, and store managers receive detailed reports in response. As a result, store teams learn more about the service they are delivering on a daily basis.

We provide WestPack with a list of all comments daily, so they can resolve customer complaints almost immediately by combining the web survey with our comments devices. By combining daily feedback with customer commentary, store teams can assess their service levels daily. Head Office also receives these reports, which contain suggestions for future purchases and forecasting.

Get top customer experience analytics with Customer First Solutions

Customer First Solutions enables you to provide the best possible customer experience to your customers through quality customer analytics solutions. Contact us today to book your free demo by calling +27 011 251 1980.

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