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Why surveys keep your employees happy and healthy

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

“Negative results are just what I want. They’re just as valuable to me as positive results,” said American inventor Thomas Edison – and he had it right, especially when it comes to your employees. As the driving force of any company, employees need to be heard and feel valued, even if the result of a survey on them is negative.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic brings with it uncertainty and stress – all factors that may lead to employees responding negatively to an internal survey. But those negative comments are, however, important as it allows you, the business owner, to resolve issues that may be creating a lack of productivity or engagement within your business.

Before sending out employee surveys, business owners need to ask the following questions:

  • How transparent, efficient, and fair is your internal communication?

  • Do you take care of your employees’ growth and development?

  • Are the leaders in your company showing behaviour in line with your business’ values and professional approach?

  • Do your employees feel safe and confident in your business during the pandemic?

  • Are your employees happy with their current structure and is it deemed to be fair?

Asking these questions will help you to know where you stand with your employees and will, too, identify areas of improvement.

When you use these surveys correctly, you’ll find they are effective in providing you, the business owner, with a thorough idea of your employees’ attitudes and ascertain whether or not they are satisfied and motivated to complete their daily tasks to the best of their ability.

It not only helps you to understand your employees’ concerns that you need to resolve, but also sends a positive message to your employees: their opinions and feelings are not only valued, but a priority.

A survey unlocks insights into your employees and highlights their emotional needs. Ensuring those needs are met and their anxieties and problems are resolved will not only make your employees happier, more committed, and engaged, but will ensure their loyalty. They will help your business to save money, improve revenue and create a healthy work environment. This results in employees feeling motivated at work and making a collaborative effort in ensuring the overall success of the company. After all, satisfaction fuels engagement, reduces absenteeism, increases retention, and improves customer service.

By giving employees the opportunity to be heard and express problems in the workplace, you’re opening up the possibility to rectify current workplace issues and improve the work environment.

The importance of employee surveys cannot be stressed enough. As an integral part of a healthy and engaged workforce, there are many benefits to these surveys, including better products and services, higher sales, and increased profitability margins.

For more information on CFS employee surveys, click here. Contact us today and let us walk you through employee surveys to help you build an effective action plan. We’ll show you how to implement and use these surveys to help your business identify opportunities for improvement. Let’s start conducting employee surveys today to create a happy workforce and a better future for your business.

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