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Why You Need To Screen Your Staff As SA Bunkers Down In Level 3 Lockdown

New directives for occupational health and safety at work have come into play – and we, at CFS, have the answer to keep you and your staff safe.

With South Africa now in Level 3 lockdown as a third wave of a Covid-19 variant sees infections and deaths soar, new directives for occupational health and safety at work have come into play – and we, at CFS, have the answer to keep you and your staff safe.

Businesses, gyms, hospitals – in fact, everyone who employs staff and deals with customers – must now, more than ever, stick to strict Occupational Health and Safety regulations to ensure their safety, as well as mitigate the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace. Screening your staff and customers is the first line of defence.

To assist businesses with this, we offer CFS Healthscan. This provides you with a complete Covid-19 screening solution that allows for:

  • real-time health screening;

  • daily online risk assessments;

  • daily individual readings;

  • automatic alert notifications sent to the compliance or HR officers for flagged issues and high temperatures; and

  • the real-time screening reports through easy-to-use dashboards.

It is simple: using a cellphone or tablet, a QR code or barcode can be scanned, which is linked to the employee/visitor profile, and this leads to a unique link to conduct the onsite health screening. Temperature checks, personal details, and answers to health screening questions are recorded before the person is allowed access into the building.

There is also an option for employees to fill the health screening in at home to pre-screen before arriving at work. In this case, only the employee’s temperature will need to be recorded when arriving at the office. In this way, office contamination and a forced shut for 4 days while the workplace is sanitised can be avoided.

Full guidelines regarding screening data are available from the National Institute for Occupational Health. The data includes symptom status as well as the screening outcome – and CFS Healthscan fully complies.

Why do you need CFS Healthscan?

To fight the pandemic effectively at work, health screening is the answer. With scans and health surveillance systems in place, your company ensures high levels of morale, high work attendance at work, and staff commitment, knowing you care to protect their health and safety.

According to, “The purpose is to develop a framework for a Covid-19 surveillance model for monitoring workers in various economic sectors, both in the public and private sectors; provide in-depth understanding and strategic insight of the Covid-19 infection spectrum in the South African workforce through dynamic data analytics and visualisation into all phases; early identification of sectors/companies and occupational groups at high risk of infection so as to inform appropriate interventions; evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 interventions in the workplace; determine the human resources and economic impact of COVID-19 on the various sectors; to provide regular updates on the trajectory of the pandemic in various economic sectors nationally; and the Identification of key scientific questions requiring further investigation.”

CFS Healthscan does all that – and more. By implementing CFS Healthscan at your business, you not only create a safe work environment by taking responsibility to ensure your staff and clients are safe, but also reduce illness-related absenteeism. In addition, you monitor risks in the workplace and reduce occupational diseases.

You can ensure occupational safety at your business with CFS Healthscan that recognises health hazards and allows for the control, monitoring, and evaluation of health risks.

For more information on CFS Healthscan, click here. Don’t miss out. Contact us for more information today.

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