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Would Your Business Benefit From A Button That Can Do It All?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Discovering how you can speed up processes in the workplace and offer speedy customer service with the touch of a button.

The simple process of calling a nurse or get a flight attendant’s attention has now become a whole different ball game. The smart button can revolutionise the hospitality or service industry!

What Is A Smart Button?

The smart button is one of the advancements in Call Systems Technology. It allows for speedy communication, alerts, tracking work orders and more. We can customise your button to do anything short of actually mopping the floors.

We all know about the huddle of waiters standing at the door at a restaurant. Instead of trying to flag down a busy waiter, you can simply get their attention with the touch of a smart button.

This kind of convenience is tough to beat. You can streamline communication and increase customer satisfaction with a simple press of a button, the CFS Smart Button.

This is just the beginning of a wide range of functions that the smart button can fulfill. The idea of such a product is to speed things up and make your customers feel efficiently and entirely taken care of as well as check your employee’s response times in which the customers’ demands were met.

In the days where every touch seems like a risk, the smart button allows you to eliminate the need for personal interaction in some areas. This not only improves your delivery time, but it makes your customers feel less at risk during the COVID pandemic. They can simply sit at home and press a button, to place an order!

With the ultimate goal to help you to improve your customer service and operational efficiency, we offer workplace solutions that do just that. CFS provides the means for assessing the collected data to gain the insights that provide information to both drive improvements and take actionable decisions.

If you’d like to learn more about our first-class solutions, contact Customer First Solutions today.

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