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Your business needs customer feedback – here’s the how, what and where…

You need to know if you have happy and satisfied customers – but where do you start? At CFS, we help you to not only collect your customers’ feedback in real-time, but also analyse it so you can address any problems instantly. So let’s get started…

No company is too big or too small, to not be close to your customers, in a world where the customer is king. As a business owner or manager, you know the importance of customer feedback. It helps you understand what they want and how they feel about your products or services. Feedback does more to improve your business than anything else, especially when you interpret it correctly.

Customer feedback analytics is a process of collecting, analysing, and reporting customer opinions – and that’s where CFS can help. We have the tools to solicit and gather the feedback, whether you choose to use surveys, comments, reviews, or social media posts. The beauty is, you will have the feedback instantly and can react in real-time to address your clients' needs and immediately improve on areas of concern in your business.

Let’s talk tools…

CFS has developed tools such as kiosks, feedback devices and tablets for your business to track, measure, and analyse customer feedback instantly. The moment your client inputs a complaint, for example, you will know it and can act quickly to resolve it.

And the long-term benefits of our tools are telling: proper analysis of your clients’ responses over time will track satisfaction levels, identify trends and pinpoint recurring problem areas. That’s how you keep a customer happy.

Don’t only keep your customers happy, keep them…

Customers love to deal with companies that listen to them. By acting on their feedback quickly and interacting directly with them, customers feel important. Why? Because you care and make them feel special. That’s how you build loyalty and get the same – and new – feet through the door. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth: happy customers will sing your praises widely.

Reduce customer churn

Churn is that dreaded percentage of customers who stop doing business with you – and that’s what you can avoid with CFS’ interactive tools. You can reduce churn by gathering opinions via SMS and e-mail, analysing customer feedback, and identifying areas of improvement. We help you take proactive steps to improve your customers' experiences and reduce the likelihood of them leaving. Remember, feedback helps identify unhappy customers, gives you a chance for corrective action and – voila – you have a satisfied customer who will return.

Listen and learn

Organisations that don't have customer feedback analytics tools miss out on essential data that would help them improve their products and services. We know you care about your customers, so contact the CFS team today and let’s get real in real-time. With CFS and our tools, your customer base is sure to flourish.

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