And how we draw relevant data from multiple feedback channels

In the digital era, receiving feedback from our very important customers is no longer one dimensional. Gone are the days of only leaving a comment card or giving a company a call to voice your feedback. Today, there are many ways in which we can receive feedback from customers across a multitude of platforms. Fill out an email survey. Participate in a poll on Facebook. Leave a comment on a website or online portal. Give feedback via SMS or stay on the line an extra 30 seconds to rate the service you have just received.

We all have personal preferences on how we like to engage with brands and companies. Some prefer to give feedback digitally, others over the phone and some may give you feedback if they are prompted to via an email survey. It is important to engage with your clients on the platforms they prefer and therefore, taking the feedback ecosystem into account when appealing to customers to survey your products and services is quite important. It leads to better hit rates, more data to analyse and in the end, more successful reporting to inform your decisions going forward.

While we know that receiving this information can be of vital importance to a company – whether it be to seek ways in which you can improve products and services, or to sing your company’s praises – truly understanding the data you receive through the valuable surveys you conduct can be the most important part of taking your company into the future.

Furthermore, the consolidation of feedback received across various channels can be overwhelming and time consuming. That’s why its important to call in the experts as you begin the survey and customer feedback journey. We have systems in place to collate information from all survey channels whereby we use text analytics to filter this feedback, based on certain metrics, to draw in relevant information and combine the data to give you comprehensive feedback. You want the right feedback, from the right people that allows you make the right decisions going forward. Let us help you on this journey!