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CFS Facilities Management is comprised of various solutions that can be used individually or as a complete solution:

  • CFS Smart Button

  • CFS Inspections Management Solution

  • CFS Problem Reporting Solution


CFS Smart Button

Enables you to have an on-demand paging system to call for service when required and monitors response rates and time. It is a complete, expandable and low cost IoT solution. 

The solution is easily configured to send, any time and from any place, a predefined message to a cell phone or e-mail.


CFS Inspections Management Solution

Your maintenance management processes can be automated by making use of various mobile devices.

It is an inspections and assessment solution that is both flexible and multi-channel for the collection, monitoring and analysing of inspection data.

Your team can stay connected, in communication, and co-ordinated to deliver the very best in operational efficiency.



CFS Problem Reporting Solution

Unattended problems can escalate and become major issues that affect many people, increase liability and risk, and impact the customer experience (CX)!

This solution will assist in various locations such as restrooms, various campus locations and vending machines.


CFS Problem Reporting Solution enables people to quickly and easily report problems on the spot using their cell phones by sending a text message or accessing a short web form such as a QR Code.


Combine this with CFS Inspections Management Solution and CFS Shesha!Pro, this results in enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced costs as small problems are attended to before they become more serious, and lower overall risk.

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