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Kiosk based customer feedback and marketing solution.

Real-time customer experience (CX) measurement, service recovery and mobile marketing solution that uses tablets or keyboard feedback devices strategically located in retail, restaurants and locations.

  • Enables any customer to provide quick feedback about their current experience.

  • Kiosk-based feedback makes it convenient for customers to share their compliments, complaints and suggestions.

The primary difference between CFS KIOSK and CFS SMS is the mode by which the customers provide their feedback (kiosk-based vs mobile based). These two methods work well together to provide you with a complete Customer Feedback Solutions.


CFS Comments is a real-time, robust, user-friendly, dedicated self-standing keyboard unit that enables you to receive daily, weekly and/or monthly reports in easy-to-understand formats. 


These reports provide you with:

  • Customer names and contact details

  • Three options of verbatim feedback, namely; complaints, compliments and suggestions

  • Qualitative feedback


CFS Comments not only provides you with the means to address issues or respond to suggestions in an efficient and professional manner, it provides the customer with the assurance that they are the most important aspect of your business.

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