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CFS solutions enable airports, travel agents and online travel platforms to gain in-the-moment feedback about the customer experience, monitor how operations are performing and the thereby ensuring their overall business success.

Airport guest feedback can be set up on tablets and keyboard feedback devices at various touch points across the airport and online travel via SMS surveys and Web surveys.

Customers will spend more when in the airport and influence their friends via social media and word-of-mouth. This all helps to generate additional revenues and meet business objectives.


CFS is able to deliver the customers insight to the correct person at the right time, to ensure that action is taken quickly and efficiently, whether positive or negative.


Listen to the Voice of the Customer …. Make their dreams come true


Powerful drill-down reports are available for reviewing the feedback, identifying issues and trends and gaining insights from our Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform.


CFS solutions can be applied to:

  • Real-time passenger feedback

  • General guest surveys

  • Facilities Management for bathrooms

  • Inspections and Compliance audits

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