Call-to-Action smart buttons allow for any type of call back by simply pressing the button.

  • Smart button enables you to have a real-time on-demand solution to call for service when required.

  • Monitors the location, response rates and time. It is a complete, expandable and low cost IoT solution. 

  • Easily configured to send, any time and from any place, a predefined message to a cell phone or e-mail. 

  • Examples: 

    • Patient to call a nurse or cleaner,

    • Customers to request service or place an order  

    • Patrons to call the waiter

    • Production lines to notify of issues





  • Increase efficiency 

       Requesters submit requests themselves, quick, tracked responses

  • Improved communications 

       Requesters get status updates and check status on-line 

  • Streamline reporting 

       Schedule, assign and distribute inspections to staff 

  • Increase productivity 

       Automate data capture and communication 

  • Increased customer satisfaction

       Quick immediate responses

  • Sigfox ready product

       No network configuration is required.

  • Configurable buttons

       Buttons configured according to your requirements




Can be used with various CFS Solutions

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