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CFS solutions enable retail stores, supermarkets, malls and service providers to gain in-the-moment feedback about the customer experience, monitor how operations are performing and the thereby ensuring their overall business success.

As a retailer you want customers to tell about any issues and give you the opportunity to take action, which thereby turns a negative experience into a positive one!

Turn detractors into promoters!


To ensure that staff are complying with the standards and procedures, it is important to also inspect all departments. This can be done through our CFS Facilities Management solutions. These solutions assist with obtaining feedback relating to staff, service, products and cleanliness.


Powerful drill-down reports are available for reviewing the feedback, identifying issues and trends and gaining insights from our Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform.


CFS Solutions can be applied to:

  • Real-time customer feedback

  • In-depth performance monitoring

  • Regular inspections to ensure compliance with standards and procedures

  • Inspections using inspectors

  • Problem reporting for vending, bathrooms and other hot-spots

  • Health, safety and other compliance audits

  • Marketing and loyalty programs

  • Employee feedback and surveys

  • Customer smart button to staff to assist on the floor

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NPS Scoring on Ipad
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