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CFS enables hotels, resorts and B&B’s to gain in-the-moment feedback about the customer’s overall experience which ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty. Satisfied guests will spend more and you will receive repeat business. Turn guests into Brand Ambassadors!

Capture the guests information upon arrival, which allows the guest to add comments during and after their stay.

Hotel guest feedback can be set up on tablets and keyboard feedback devices at various touch points in the hotel to hear the Voice of your Customer (VoC).

These solutions assist with obtaining feedback relating to staff, service, food and cleanliness.


Powerful drill-down reports are available for reviewing the feedback, identifying issues and trends and gaining insights from our Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform.


CFS Solutions can be applied to:

  • Real-time customer feedback

  • Regular inspections to ensure compliance with cleanliness

  • Problem reporting for vending, bathrooms and kitchens

  • Employee feedback and surveys

Hotel Guest survey on Ipad
laptop on desk in hotel room
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