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Unlike most of our competitors, who simply focus on market research, we equip your business with agile tools that enable you to react and adapt quickly to customer feedback.

Our survey tools can be set up to measure a targeted range of issues, from customer satisfaction to staff sales effectiveness, giving you a valuable insight into key areas of your business.

Paperless data capture saves time and money on administration costs, and also enables instant access to feedback information.

CFS is built on the powerful and a flexible cloud based CX platform.

The results are in real-time with advanced drill down reporting and analysis capabilities. They are quick to deploy, require no on-site IT support and are optimized for use with or without various devices.

Multi-channel feedback is integrated, thereby building a better understanding of the customers’ journey.

Customer First Solutions make it easy for any business to gather real-time customer feedback, analyze it and take action!

Ipad showing reporting dashboards

CFS provides a wide range of distribution options for reporting data that it collects on behalf of clients. Platforms include live dashboards, e-mail push reporting and digital integration into customer BI Systems, if required.

CFS provide systems for assessing collected data to gain the insights that provide information to both drive improvements and take actionable decisions.

Feedback kiosk

Kiosk based customer feedback and marketing solution.

Real-time customer experience (CX) measurement, service recovery and mobile marketing solution that uses tablets or keyboard feedback devices strategically located in retail, restaurants and locations.​

businessman pointing quality control

CFS Facilities Management is comprised of various solutions that can be used individually or as a complete solution:

Shesha!Pro Call-to-Action

CFS Inspections Management Solution

CFS Problem Reporting Solution

mobile devices showing graphs

A comprehensive platform to gather, analyse, report and act on “Voice of Customer” feedback, giving you a powerful tool for managing and improving your Customer Experience.

Feedback poster

Real-time customer experience (CX) measurements which are ideal for listening to the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and gathering feedback. Whether you’d like to reach your customer during their actual experience or gather information from the customer in their own time, to gain a better understanding of their experience, we have the tools for you.

SMS on mobile phone

Real-time customer experience (CX) measurement, service recovery and mobile marketing solution which enables any customer to provide quick feedback on their cell phone about their current experience.

Smart button.jpeg

Call-to-Action Smart buttons allows to request a customer or employee call back, trigger an alarm, place an order, send a text or e-mail message.

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