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Real-time customer experience (CX) measurements which are ideal for listening to the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and gathering feedback. Whether you’d like to reach your customer during their actual experience or gather information from the customer in their own time, to gain a better understanding of their experience, we have the tools for you.

  • Software driven survey across various channels via the web, mobile and in-app interaction.

  • Feedback makes it convenient for customers to share their compliments, complaints and suggestions.

  • Results are available immediately and shared with managers by e-mail or text message so that quick action can be taken. In today’s environment, customers expect immediate attention and action

  • Any current paper-based or telephonic survey can be replicated.

Gives your customer flexibility in the ways in which you gather their feedback.

Click here for Survey Data Analysis & Analytics Tools

Make use of our advanced text analytics to report back on the Voice of the Customer.

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