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It’s a new year with new goals – let’s deal with the complaints instantly

Our name, Customer First Solutions, should tell you, whether you’re a doctor or a business owner, we care about one thing only: your customer. So let us help you make the customer king, because we have the tools for you to give an unhappy customer an instant automated response…

At CFS we can’t stress that old cliché enough: the customer is king. And we are here to help you bridge the gaps between keeping track of stock, scheduling maintenance, dealing with paperwork and keeping unhappy customers happy; all in real-time, all in one place with the touch of a button on your smartphone.

We all know That Customer: the one who demands to "speak to the manager"; the one who knows better than the doctor what’s wrong with her – but you have to deal with her immediately.

And that’s where we, as CFS, excel: we empower you, our customer, to talk to her directly, instantly, through an automated response while juggling your other responsibilities with our Facilities Management system, aimed at organising your business tasks.

Have one of our kiosks or tablets in your shop. The customer inputs her or his complaint and within minutes you’ll have it – automated – and can address it to turn a negative experience into a positive outcome and build brand loyalty.

The process is easy: your client inputs a compliment, complaint, or suggestion via a web link, application or QR Code, the comment is sent through the relevant cell phone provider to CFS’ portal, delivering it to you, fully automated, as an SMS or e-mail, with the client’s contact details for a real-time response.

Our web survey tools take it a step further: it allows you to gather comprehensive, in-depth customer feedback via a QR code on a till slip, a web link, an e-mail or an SMS.

Know what your customer thinks of your business with our multi-language, interactive surveys, customised to your requirements, as well as analysis and support. Some hospitals, for example, use our service to conduct post-discharge surveys to get feedback on the patients’ satisfaction with their treatment.

Bottom line? CFS has the tools you need to talk to your customers. Directly.

We’ll help you track, measure, and analyse customer feedback instantly. The moment your client inputs a complaint, for example, you will know it and can act quickly to resolve it.

But here’s the nub: if you buy into our tools, we, as CFS, will over months track your clients’ responses and satisfaction levels, identify trends and pinpoint recurring problem areas. No spyware involved; just good, tried-and-trusted tools from CFS.

So CFS unashamedly tells you: we’ll handle the difficult customers with you. We have the tools – you just have to use them.

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