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Track your customer’s Christmas shopping experience with our kiosk feedback system

Using a kiosk feedback system to track and interpret customers’ experiences during the festive season shopping rush can help your business.

With Christmas drawing near, every retailer must get ready for a shopping frenzy. Keeping your shelves stocked for eager shoppers wanting to fill their Christmas stockings can be challenging, especially keeping track of your customers’ experiences with only your employees to field their queries. But Customer First Solutions has the answer: our kiosk feedback system is just what you need to stay on top. We’ll help you find out if your customers’ shopping experience is positive and create effective strategies to tackle any weak areas.

What is a kiosk feedback system?

A kiosk feedback system is a digital survey – often a tablet mounted on a kiosk – that allows customers to immediately share their shopping experiences. Our kiosk feedback system collects the analytics and compiles reports containing:

  • The customer’s name

  • Contact details

  • Verbatim feedback, including complaints, compliments and suggestions

  • Qualitative feedback

This feedback helps you to address any concerns and take action on suggestions your customers have.

How a kiosk feedback system can help you

When customers have a bad shopping experience, they may perhaps vent about it to one of your employees, who may, or may not, give you feedback – but if there is a kiosk for customers to complain, the owners or managers will not only know about any problems, but will have more than just an employee’s feedback to resolve a problem. With our kiosk feedback system, an unhappy customer can there and then vent – and know they will be heard. They have a golden opportunity to let you, the retailer, know what went wrong and will walk away knowing you took them seriously and will address those problems.

Simply put: Customer First Solutions’ kiosk feedback system turns even a negative experience into a positive.

Kiosk feedback systems can help you identify weak points in your business with real, measurable data that you can tie in with your business’s operations (for example, employees or managers on duty, time of day or incidents on that particular day) to help you narrow down the problems and find the solutions.

You will also know what your customers enjoy and are happy about so that you can lean into what is working well and expand on it, resulting in even happier customers over time.

Customer First Solutions – leading providers of customer experience analytics

Customer First Solutions can help you understand your customers and give them the best possible experience with quality customer experience analytics solutions such as kiosk feedback systems, surveys, mystery shoppers and more. Make the most of the festive season and work with us to really understand your customers.

Contact us today to book your free demo by calling +27 011 251 1980.

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