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Customer First Solutions adds real value to your life

Different strokes for different folks – whether a school or a restaurant, Customer First Solutions has the answer to most problems when it comes to customer experience management. And we can back up that claim through satisfied customers whose lives and businesses our solutions made a difference for.

At Customer First Solutions, we believe in our products and the value it adds to our customers’ lives and businesses. We offer customer experience management solutions to a number of different industries and have seen what a difference it’s made, for example:


Our customer had difficulty in tracking the efficiency of their gym equipment. They had to sift through mounds of paperwork to keep track of maintenance, repairs done, and the details of the repairs. With our solution, they now, at the touch of a button, use an app to place orders, log damages and maintenance, and see outstanding tasks in real-time. All information is in real-time, making it easy to access at any time.

Schools and universities

Listening to and understanding students’ needs is critical for any learning institution. After all, students who are happy on campus have a better overall learning experience. Using one of our solutions, schools, colleges, and universities can now measure and gain feedback about students' experiences and the operations of their institutions: from general student surveys to facilities management for vending machines, bathrooms, kitchens, and residence halls.


In the service industry, especially eateries, it’s all about the diner’s experience. With our solutions, restaurants can get in-the-moment feedback from their customers, making it easier to track how happy their clientele are with their service. Our Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform offers powerful drill-down reports to review feedback, identify issues and trends, and gain insights.


Large-scale events such as music festivals or conferences can be a nightmare to organise and keep running smoothly. However, it will be a breeze with a cleverly implemented customer management system. Events can be easily managed with some of our CRM solutions, including registration terminals for easy admissions, general surveys to monitor visitors’ experiences, facilities management for vending machines and bathrooms, and much more.

Customer First Solutions offers you the best customer relationship management in South Africa. With our solutions, you can provide your clientele with the best possible customer experience with quality customer experience analytics solutions. Contact us today to book your free demo by calling +27 011 251 1980 or submitting your query.

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