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The benefits Of A Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform And How It Promotes Business Growth

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Create business growth and client satisfaction by using your Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform for optimal business performance and engagement.

In today’s digital space, client and service accessibility alike have become easier and quicker. Not every company knows how to capitalise on this and ensure the very best client satisfaction by leveraging the platforms available to them.

At Customer First Solutions South Africa, we know how to provide a seamless and convenient engagement portal combined with smart buttons, detailed real-time reports, and COVID-aligned practices to ensure that your clients and staff alike feel supported, heard, and protected.

In this blog, we set out on a mission to go back to basics and explain CEM in its simplest form. Through this, we aim to provide clarity and understanding to those with the perspective that CEM is something too complex to initiate.

What Is Customer Experience Management (CEM) In A Nutshell?

Simply put, Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the collection of processes (like smart buttons, surveys or reviews) put in place to allow a company to track, organise, and evaluate customer interaction and user journey.

A Quick Look At The Benefits Of A CEM Platform

With the right use of your CEM platforms, you can create a higher client lifetime value, reduce customer churn and increase customer retention. This in turn increases your brand equity, promotes effective crisis management, reduces marketing spend, and allows overall better customer engagement.

Here are some additional benefits of using a CEM Platform:

● Connectivity

● Safety

● Personalisation

● Transparency

● Client satisfaction

● Visibility

● Evolution

● Insight

How Your CEM Platform Promotes Business Growth

By increasing the satisfaction and overall positive engagement with your clients (even a negative review or complaint can be turned into a positive if handled correctly), you retain their business and increase customer loyalty. This in turn drives up sales, improves your brand or business reputation, reduces customer dissatisfaction, and alerts you to changes that you need to make within your business strategy for optimal growth and success.

Choose Customer First Solutions South Africa For Your Customer Experience Management Today

At CFS South Africa, we live by our name: the customer comes first. We are proud to provide you with tailor-made solutions that give you access to your client inputs and help you convert it into actionable ways in which you can improve your offerings. There is no point in mindless data collection - there should always be evaluation and action to follow, and this is where our relationship with our clients truly comes to life.

If you would like to use your Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform to transform and build your business, get in touch with us.

You can call us on 011 251 1980, e-mail us at, or fill out our convenient contact form here.

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