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The difference a Facilities Management Solution makes

Knowing what customers want, and what they expect, is key to good facilities management. But good facilities management is equally important to the customer experience.

Although having accurate customer feedback is an important part of managing the customer experience, ensuring proper facilities management is equally important. A Facilities Management system, such as those provided by Customer First Solutions, can make all the difference.

The trouble with facilities management

Facilities management can be a tough nut to crack, with dozens or even hundreds of items, people, and tasks to track. Paper records are easily misplaced, and can make it difficult to know what’s happened, what’s happening, and what still needs to happen. And time spent looking for a specific record is time that could be better spent elsewhere.

A place for everything and everything in one place

One of our customers operates a number of gyms, with several premises to upkeep, dozens of pieces of equipment to maintain, and stock to order. That’s a lot of records to keep, and a lot of opportunities for things to go astray, and they were spending a lot of time backtracking and sifting through paperwork for specific information.

Using a maintenance and inspections app, they can see exactly what needs to be done at any of their locations, right on their smart device with just the touch of a button. All information is in real-time, making it easy to access at any time.

Each gym can report maintenance and equipment needs, and place orders for stock, and all the information is available in one centralized place, making it easier to see what’s outstanding. Problems can be reported by text message, QR code, or smart button, reducing the time needed to log a report. This means maintenance can be ordered and completed faster, resulting in reduced downtime for equipment and spaces; time saved is money saved.

Better facilities management means happier, more satisfied customers, and that means better business.

Customer First Solutions offers you the best facilities management solution in South Africa. With our solutions, you can provide your clientele with the best possible customer experience with quality customer experience analytics solutions. Contact us today to book your free demo by calling +27 011 251 1980 or submitting your query.

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